An Issue Two update from us at Mossless

To everyone who bought issue two at the Art Book Fair (we’ve already sent this to those who left their emails with us),

First of all, thank you so much, you are going to love it. We’ve developed the books quite a bit more, they’re bound differently and their design has been brushed up nicely. We’ve been working prodigiously between classes and day jobs but Sandy knocked out our electricity (and heat)!

Having showered at our friend Dave’s and with limited electricity returning to our apartment we happily feel a part of modern humanity once again. 
Unfortunately we do not have all power back and the entire studio is still in the dark. This means that printing continues to be stalled and will be until our basement is repaired. We’ve poked our nose down there a few times and it seems like it will be early this week.

Once printing is back we should still be on schedule and you should receive your books about two weeks afterwards. Please hit us up if you have any questions about our process!

All the best,
Grace & Romke

4 Nov 2012 / 12 notes / news blogfolio 

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